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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresh Pickins

We hit the road over the weekend. It was time to go pickin'! After too many months of outrageous cold and snow, this weekend held the promise of warmer weather. Lots of rain, even some flooding, but we felt we could dodge it all and we did.

We hit an auction, a flea market, and an antique shop. Pickin' are never limited and it can always be a fun, interesting adventure. You never know what you'll find or even if you will find anything. It's all about the hunt.

As you can see, we were able to walk away with some rust & crust & weathered & worn treasures at each of our stops. The history and the unknown story of each piece intrigues me. I always wonder what the previous owners were like and where geographically these items have been. As pickers, we embrace it all and look forward to passing these items on for a new and useful life. Time to appreciate what simpler times had to offer.

Until next time...
Have a pickin' cool day,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Is It!!!

Yep, not going to stall anymore. Not going to push this onto the back burner. Not going to make lame excuses. Nope, starting this blog right here and now. This is the hard part...the first official post for the Old Time Pickers blog.

Should I be brilliant? Hmmm...don't think that will likely happen, at least today. Now my Great Grandma Ina (in pic above) was a brilliant woman.  

Should I tell about my passion with vintage fans? Well...maybe another day.

Should I confess my odd obsession with old oil cans? Oh, I believe we should know each other a bit more before that happens.

Should I write on how I'm tired of this...

And want more of this...

Heck, who doesn't want the sweet smell of spring to be upon us!?!

I could tell all about my love of the Rust & Crust & Weathered & Worn and how Old Time Pickers came about because of it. But ya know what? I think I'll let it all be for now and come back another day. For now, just want to say...

Have a Pickin' Cool Day,
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