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Friday, August 5, 2011

Out Back Snapshots

Butterfly enjoying my garden.
Unfortunately, there are very few butterflies this season.

View of the lake from the damn.
Our house is out of view on the right.

Rustic oil can by the salad bed.
Like a little vintage whimsy in the garden.

A moth questioning my picture taking.
If you're in my yard, be prepared to be shot with a camera.

Kit Kat visiting with a turtle that is passing by.
Friendly encounter by both.

A busy bee. Always busy. 
Wish I could accomplish as much.

And here is Gertrude. Don't know if Gertrude is a boy or a girl.
Just looks like a Gertrude to me!

It's a lovely life out back!

Have a pickin' cool weekend,


Mindy said...

VERY nice pictures!!!

Unknown said...

This year, the butterflies came late to my house. There are tons now, but they just arrived...:)JP

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

How fun to live on a lake! Gertrude is so dang cute. Yes, that name seems to suit her just fine. I collect vintage oil cans also. I have them on a small potting bench in my garden. I love visits from all of those little flying beauties. Except for those darn hornets. They just love my old wood birdhouses.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful... love your photo story! And your header is wonderful :) -Tammy

Kathy said...

There are very few butterflies here too - my daughter and I were just talking about that! Miss them! Great pictures,

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