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Monday, September 19, 2011

No True Pickin'

Did not really do any true pickin' over the weekend cause we set up our own space at a flea market yesterday. Anything special in our booth? Nope! This was a flea market that you load your trailer, go, pull in your space, and everyone gathers around to do their own picking right out of the trailer. It was wild. I didn't have time to take pictures. And nothing special to sell, just items that needed to be cleared out to make more space for the pickin' business.

I made my rounds around the flea market after things settled down and we were pretty much sold out. I didn't think I'd find much, but I did pick a few things to bring home.

Good old wooden shoe forms.

A star shaped from a tape measure.

Cute little pair of shoes (actually picked up two pairs) and a blue bowl.

And a few more items...some will be for sale, but most will be for props for my photos for the shop.

So no true pickin' this past weekend. Next weekend we will be attending an auction. It's not a barn auction so we'll have to see how productive it will be.

Our big pickin' weekend is coming up the first weekend of October. It's so fun to take off for the whole weekend and really pick. Pick big. Pick until ya can't pick any more. Can't wait!!!

Until next time...

Have a pickin' cool day,


Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

Hi Cindy, Well, almost selling out is always a good thing. The few picks you picked look great! Love the wooden tape measure...

Blessings and Happy Pickin'

Gail said...

Hi Cindy, I love the things you brought home. Can't wait to see your creative use for them.

Enjoy your day,

Cheryl said...

The flea market sounded pretty cool and glad you got to do a little pickin' for yourself.
Nice finds, like the blue bowl.
Have a great week,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I would love to go on a really big pick...Fun!



Love those shoes. Kids shoes are so sweet.
Thank you for your kind comment about Mack.
Hope you get some great deals this weekend.

blackenpot said...

Just found your blogg, I myself just love the flea markeds.
Looks as though you have found some good stuff!

Have a wonderful day.

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