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Friday, September 9, 2011

Pick and Pack

I know there are some pickers out there. Some pick for themselves. 
Some pick for their shops. Some pick for themselves and their shops.
I pick mostly for my shop. So when it comes to pickin', I need to be an expert.

And my shop, Old Time Pickers, is an online shop so I also have some packin' to do when an item sells.
And when it comes to packin', I need to be an expert. At least I try to be. 

After one customer received his item, he wrote "Great stuff! Fast shipping! Bomb-proof packing!! :) Highly recommend OldTimePickers! :)"

That's a nice compliment...bomb-proof. So there ya have it. 
I know how to pick and how to pack.
Any expert pickers and packers out there?

Until next time...

Best pickins' to ya all, 


Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

OMGosh, Cindy, that made me laugh... you are a hoot! If I need something packed, that's bomb proof packed, I'll let you know, LOL..


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Cindy,
Too cute! It's always a plus to receive something that has been packed with tender loving care. Don't pick and pack, but have been told that I sure know how to pack the back of my SUV. Seems like I'm always filling it up with something!
Keep on pickin and packin girl!

Faye said...

Love this post!!! Sounds a little like an old saying my mom and sister said a lot when I was a kid :)
And that is how I should have described your packing in my post...bomb proof!! Love it!

outjunking said...

Your my kinda of packer. I hate the oh well packages that people send. You know the ones, they rattle...
a lot.

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