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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Welcome

I finally have my vintage metal baskets hung on our front doors!
The picture below is what they looked like when I bought the pair for $5.00.
Very old, chippy, and rusted through in a few spots.

 I do like that look, but not for the front doors.

After cleaning the baskets, I painted them white and gave them an aged finish.
Then I gathered natural materials from the yard and added some fall elements from my supplies to create a 
'Fall Welcome'.

I'm pleased with the look. It should last through Thanksgiving.
And this is the only orange you will see around my home.

Now I know I have not been blogging or even visiting other blogs much.
I apologize.
I started a small project. Well, I thought it was small then it became larger and just grew into a monster task.
No turning back now and I keep asking myself 'WHAT HAVE I DONE?'
Maybe I'll be brave and post about it next week.
Until then...

Have a pickin' cool weekend,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Left Behind

See this?

And see these?

I picked them last weekend at a shop in a nearby town.

I had to leave the table, stools, and cabinet behind. Why? Because of this!

This past weekend this teeny tiny town had their festival that brings in about 20,000 people.
I couldn't make it through the crowds with my picks to load the truck.

So I went back to the shop this week to pick up my picks. 
Thank goodness...the town is teeny tiny once more.

Hope ya all have a pickin' cool weekend,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pickin' Makeover


Found these lovely ladies on a pickin' spree and just could not pass them up.
They were old, worn, and rusty.
Pickin' cool and a great price, but...the chippy paint was extreme and the rust was creating a few holes.


So I grabbed my wire brush and started scrubbing.
After a good cleaning, they received some fresh white paint.


Hard to see in the photo, but now they are just right since
I aged them with some grey blue paint.

I'll be gathering some fall materials to make arrangements in the baskets 
and hang them on my double front doors. Pictures soon!

My pickin' best,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pickin' Stuff

Here's some stuff I picked over the weekend!

White letterpress drawer, two crates, a muffin tin, a Zero fan, and a red mailbox.

There's  more, but I'll have to show ya another time.
I'm doing a tad of painting, slopping in some stain, and doing the never ending yard work.
I'll be back soon. Until next time... 

Best pickins,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick Pickins

Been sooo busy with yard work and errands. Also prepping the house so I can stain the kitchen cupboards and do some painting. Ya know how it is...never enough time in the day. I'm tired and sore, but all will be worth it once the cold weather rolls in. I'll be snug as a bug in a rug with all the major work done!

Made a very quick stop while running errands to see if there might be anything worth pickin' and I found a few goodies. My fave is that metal rooster! I'm a struggling with the thought of keeping him, but I know it will probably be best to put him in the shop. He had sat on the peak of a shed and was saved just in time as the shed was being torn down. How pickin' cool is that? Very! 

Until next time...

My pickin' best,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Touch Of Fall

Here's a touch of fall around the homestead.

Blue skies.

Leaves beginning to show their colors and fall to the ground.

And temps in the wonderful 80's.

I'll be missing in action as I quickly prep the garden for the new season,
do the necessary cleaning in the yard and on the exterior of the home,
and finish washing down the inventory for the shop before a cold snap appears.

Be back soon! Until then...

Have a pickin' cool weekend,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Basket And Some Burlap

I decided that while everyone is working on their fall garden, I would make a herb garden indoors.

First, I chose my herbs and transplanted them into pots.

I had an old wire basket that was large, white, and chippy.
I also had some burlap. Perfect!

I took the burlap, cut it into strips, and wove it in and out of the wire.

I took another strip of burlap and gathered it to make a flower.

There. A basket and some burlap complete my indoor herb garden.

Thanks for visiting!
I'm linking up to White Wednesday!

My pickin' best,

More Pickin' Photos

On our pickin' trip over the weekend, we were slapped with some cold weather, wind, and rain.
When I'm feeling the negative effects of mother nature, I lose my ability to find the best pickins' out there. I'm just not a cold weather gal. I prefer to hibernate when November comes waltzing into my life and I stay in the hibernation stage until spring. That's just how it is.

Luckily, we had intended to do some indoor pickin' or the weekend would have been a bust. 
We had 7 stops planned and if they had all been outdoors...well it would have been pitiful pickins.

These photos are our finds as I pulled them off the truck. 
The truck that logged 800 miles over the weekend.

There's lots of wood and wire. Plenty of weathered and worn. Some rust and crust.

All wonderful!!!
Thanks for taking a peek at my pickin' photos.
Sorry for the quality of them as the camera is still causing me problems.
Until next time...

Have a pickin' cool day,

Monday, October 3, 2011

800 Miles Later

Anyone go pickin' over the weekend? 
We did and 800 miles later, I must say I'm tuckered. Plum tuckered out.
I'm unloading the truck now and will show more pictures tomorrow.

Don't know what's up with the camera. I see spots.

And I had to show ya what I'm keeping for myself.

That's one of the many benefits to pickin'...keeping some of the lovely treasures.
Some items, like the aqua door, will be used for props in my shop photos.
That's all for now. More to come tomorrow.

My pickin' best,

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