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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'll Miss Them

These beauties are now on their way to New York and I must say...I'll miss them.
I was in tin heaven when I acquired these large antique ceiling tiles...such a gorgeous design with historical significance!

They were dismantled from a bank in Indiana that dates back to the late 1800's/ early 1900’s.
The patina on each tile varied due to the aging process...lots of character. 

I had put them in our shop about a year ago and today, someone decided that they had to have them for their very own project and bought all eight of them.

I will be redoing my kitchen next month and have been thinking of these tiles often. I had made up my mind that if these tiles didn't sell, I was going to use them somewhere, somehow.

Now they are gone and I know I'll miss them.
But at the same time, someone else will have the chance to rejoice in their aged beauty.
Mission accomplished.

Have a pickin' cool Wednesday,

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet Katharine

Isn't she something? Her name is Katharine, also known as Kate, and she is a country gal at heart.
I met her at the auction I attended over the weekend and we hit it off immediately.
If you look closely, you'll see her adorable antique wear...handmade with delicate details.
This setting is her previous home. She now lives with me. I have some special plans for her. She needs some fancy footwear (base) and I have the perfect piece. Future reveal. 

Hubby and I went to this auction thinking that it might not produce anything special. The listing in the paper did not even mention Kate or that there was a barn with good pickins in it! That's the barn behind Kate in the above photo. 

These barrels were in the barn. This is a picture after we arrived home. That is my Kit Kat inspecting the barrels noting that they definitely smell like a barn. And see that humongous mailbox? Super heavy, too.
Largest mailbox I've ever seen!

The next pickins we came across in the barn were old chippy doors. Had to climb into a loft on a rickety ladder and lower them down to hubby after we won the bid. Oh what fun!

Here are some of our other pickins from the auction.

Yes, that is another dress form. Kate's cousin, maybe?
A nice piece of Samsonite luggage.
An antique fan, also known as a finger chopper.
Three pretty vintage bedspreads.
A box of hangers.
Primitive scale and a scale face.
Did you see the latticework? Now I have a couple of great pieces to fancy up the garden.
Jars and more jars. You are seeing only a sample. I have so many jars. I think I need help.

Auctions can be long and exhausting days, but oh so worth it.
Next weekend is our big pickin' weekend where we'll be putting some miles on the truck.
With a shop that always needs to be stocked, one can never get enough.
Just wondering...did ya do any good pickin' over the weekend?

My pickin' best,

Friday, September 23, 2011


Why is fall my favorite season? 

Just take a look. This is the view that will soon appear in my backyard. 

I love livin' on a lake!

Have a pickin' beautiful weekend,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

He Has A Friend

Everyone needs a friend now and then so my little pumpkin that I made yesterday has one now. I believe he may just be the perfect companion.

I heard from some of you that this was something you might want to try. 
If so, head on over to see Deb at her Hummadeedledee Blog for her tutorial.
Once you have the basics, you and your supplies can create a whole patch of pretty pumpkins.

Warning...once ya get may never want to stop.

Have a pickin' good craftin' day,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Playin' With Pumpkins

I finally decided to just do it. I thought I'd play with my craft supplies and see if I could come up with a pumpkin. I wanted something quick so I decided to try a sweater pumpkin. Tutorials are all over the internet for these. Basically, you cut the sleeve off an old sweater, do some gathering and some stuffing, embellish it and a pumpkin it is.

When I finished mine, I sat back to contemplate my accomplishment and I broke out in laughter. I don't know why, but this little guy makes me laugh. And that is a good thing. I think he needs a friend or two. Then I just might become hysterical.

So ya wanna have a laugh, start playin' with some pumpkins!

Until next time...

Have a pickin' and playin' good day,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Would You Rather Have...

Your husband surprise you with
flowers and candy 
good old junk that has some rust and crust or might be chippy and shabby

Tell me! I really want to know!

I started thinking about this when Kelsie over at Our Country Home was pleasantly surprised when her husband brought her a stack of old windows. She's been a wanting to put together her own greenhouse and these old windows will be perfect. Her husband knows her.

Me...I want the rust, the crust, the weathered, and the worn.

My hubby will stop at a curbside all on his own and bring something home if he thinks I may want it.

And that's what it's all about.

So it flowers and candy or rust and crust?

Best pickins' to ya,

Monday, September 19, 2011

No True Pickin'

Did not really do any true pickin' over the weekend cause we set up our own space at a flea market yesterday. Anything special in our booth? Nope! This was a flea market that you load your trailer, go, pull in your space, and everyone gathers around to do their own picking right out of the trailer. It was wild. I didn't have time to take pictures. And nothing special to sell, just items that needed to be cleared out to make more space for the pickin' business.

I made my rounds around the flea market after things settled down and we were pretty much sold out. I didn't think I'd find much, but I did pick a few things to bring home.

Good old wooden shoe forms.

A star shaped from a tape measure.

Cute little pair of shoes (actually picked up two pairs) and a blue bowl.

And a few more items...some will be for sale, but most will be for props for my photos for the shop.

So no true pickin' this past weekend. Next weekend we will be attending an auction. It's not a barn auction so we'll have to see how productive it will be.

Our big pickin' weekend is coming up the first weekend of October. It's so fun to take off for the whole weekend and really pick. Pick big. Pick until ya can't pick any more. Can't wait!!!

Until next time...

Have a pickin' cool day,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lights, Camera, PROPS!

PROPS...I love props for the home and for my shop. 
For my online shop, I need lighting, a camera and lots of props. One can never have too many props!

So today, I had the urge to do some crafting to make some props.
I have plenty of books and thought some of them could use a makeover.

Well, first of all I need some books. 

I chose three. And I need some supplies. I dug up a few.

I have some antique love letters and postcards so I laid them out on my printer 
and copied them onto some aged looking paper.

This is what it looked like. I didn't need the whole sheet done as I'll be using a smaller book.

I decoupaged this sheet onto the cover of a small book. I did not remove the binding of any of the books I worked with as I needed them sturdy so they can stand on their own. 
For the second book, I took a piece of burlap and also decoupaged it to the outside cover and then trimmed off excess giving it a ragged edge.
The third book had a book jacket that was brown in color on the inside so I just turned it inside out. I had some old lace that I sprayed adhesive onto and placed it onto the brown book jacket.

These would look good on their own, but I wanted a bundle. 
So I played with my supplies until I found the look that I wanted.



Cottage sweet...

And a bit of farmhouse flair! And there ya have it!
If you want another version of altered books, hop on over to visit Carol at The Polka Dot Closet!
She is one of my favorite crafters and her books are pickin' cool!

My pickin' best to you all,
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