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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And So It Begins...

Hmmm...I was just contacted by a company to do a review of their product here on my little blog. 
Did I jump on it? No. 
I see so much of it on other blogs. Little commercials.

It is okay for some blogs as I discovered it pays pretty darn well. So it is understandable.
But the thing is, these reviews should really reflect who you are and the message you are portraying on your blog.

If I ever do a review, it will be connected to what I believe in and will be in the pursuit of the simple life. I told hubby I'd do a review on worm composting as that is something I'm interested in doing and it is connected to my passion of gardening and growing our own food.

So...I'm just putting it out there...into the universe...are you listening...worms and some bins...a review...I'm your gal!!! Ha, have a pickin' cool day!



Anonymous said...

I agree Cindy! Thanks for staying genuine!

Bliss said...

No one has contacted me, and depending on just how much that pay is and what the item is and how both grease my hands I could be tempted, but I PROMISE when the worm and bin people come knocking I will send them your way!


Cheryl said...

Even though I'm without a blog, I do read several and have to agree with you. Stay true to yourself and I hope you do hear from the wom and bin folks!
Have fun,

outjunking said...

What time I have been following you, I know you are smart about the choices you make. So in time I know the right thing for you will come long.

La Maison des Plaines said...

Hi! Cindy,

I'm with you on this one and agree 100%.

You go girl!

Have a sunny day!

Blessings & Hugs,

Mindy said...

I'm with you too. I've been contacted to do some giveaways and it just wasn't things I'd purchase myself, so I politely declined. I'm voting for the worm post!!! :o)

Honey and Me said...

Good for you! I'm anxiously awaiting a blog from you on worms and composting!!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Yeah for you. I was just thinking the other day that it seems that 'Blogland' is really getting so commercial. I guess I don't understand all the sponsor stuff and all, and it would be nice to make some money, but I only wish more people had your values.

Thanks for sharing and keep those worms a' workin'.


Maureen said...

God for you. If it's not something you're into then it's just clutter.

momto8 said...

I always get tempted ..but I guess i like having the control over my blog too..I just want to write about what I want to write about ....I do always consider the offers though...

Vicki said...

I also agree with you!!! Thank You
for sharing.....

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree...I love to do reviews, but only on things that I truly find to be valuable. :)

I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a month-long Giveaway Jubilee beginning March 1st. I know you've hosted giveaways before and thought you might be interested. You can participate as a giver, a (hopefully) winner, or both! Just click on the button at the top right of my sidebar that says "Giveaway Jubilee" for more info.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

SImple and Serene Living said...

I agree with you completely, Cindy. As much as the money sounds great, it would have to be something that I believe in and reflects my lifestyle.

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