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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pickin' Plants on Earth Day

I celebrated Earth Day yesterday by going out and purchasing some plants for my garden.
I must admit that this year I did not get around to starting seed indoors.
I was a little disappointed in myself in the lack of getting this done.

One of the best places to find plants around here is the flea market.
Some nurseries and farms set up in the spring with all their offerings.
This year I found (what I call) plant plugs. The plants were in tiny holes within huge trays. 

I told them what I wanted and they pulled the plant out and put it in a small cup with the name of the plant written on the side of the cup. Best thing about this method? Each plant cost 25 cents!!!

I brought my newly purchased plants home and easily planted them into my own pots.
Here they will stay until the air and the garden soil warm up.
In the meantime, I made a makeshift greenhouse out of plastic to keep the plants warm and happy.
I also have some seeds ready to plant directly into the garden.

Looking forward to...
playing in the dirt,
seeing plants emerge from seeds,
gathering fresh produce,
cooking it up for delicious meals,
and putting it up for future months.

I find gardening therapeutic and a simple pleasure.
What about you garden?



Amy Kinser said...

We are getting ready to plant our garden. Actually, my husband and son do most of the planting. I have already planted my herbs and a couple of tomato plants in galvanized tubs on my deck. I like having my herbs close to my kitchen. Hope your garden grows wonderfully.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Yes I garden & I think it is good for the mind. I have seeds started in my mini greenhouse waiting. I am working on a garden expansion to plant in this year. Your garden area is wonderful. Blessings!

La Maison des Plaines said...

Hi! Cindy,

What a fun way to spend Earth Day. You picked-up some great bargains. I'm going shopping with you lol

I garden & agree with you, it is therapeutic. Very calming being one with Mother Earth :o)We have an organic veggie garden, herb garden & flower gardens. Just love it! We use no pesticides... all natural. Amazing! how we attract more butterflies, birds, deer, and little critters. The hummmingbirds come right up to us...fearless. What a joy to behold. Just love it!

Looking forward to the warmer weather and full gardening season.

Have a sunny week! You will be gardening before you know it ;o)Take care.

Blessings & Hugs,

Maureen said...

I completely agree - nothing is on my mind when I'm gardening. I planted peas a couple of weeks ago and with a good drenching rain (finally), they are looking great. They popped about 2 inches in 24 hours. Spinach and Mesclun too! Yahoo - it's Spring!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Such a good deal for only .25!
To early to plant here ~ but looking forward to it!!!
Prim Blessings

Anonymous said...

Hi! I really enjoy your site and your eye for old stuff! We're raring to go with our garden, the peas are in and I've started some cucumbers inside. We'll have to wait on the weather as well. Hopefully you can play in the dirt soon!

Bliss said...

You should be giving garden lessons...... look at that awesome area.


Cheryl said...

Love to garden but haven't done anything yet as it has been too cold here. Hope to get started by the first of May!
Your garden area looks great.
Wishing you sunny days,

Little Susie Home Maker said...

My husband just roto-tilled a patch on Sunday. So we will try again this year. It is a sandy soil, windy and dry. So? We will see.. I know we will have a few root plants. And then some corn, peas, beans and squash. Also, have an herb garden.
And started some pumpkin!

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