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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pickin' and Packin'

Have ya ever went pickin' and had a challenge packin' it up to get it home?
We had planned on an out of state trip to check in on the parents and to do some pickin' on the way.
We wanted to leave first thing Friday morning and turn around and come back home Saturday.
Fast and furious. Well, that was the plan. 

Big Red had other plans. Big Red is our truck. It's a nice truck, but...
on Thursday it decided to break down. Not a major problem, but a part needed to be ordered and that takes time. So Big Red could not make the trip. Plan B involved taking the PT Cruiser. LOL!

It takes some pushing and shoving to get it all in such a small space.
At a flea market, people kept walking by us with a smile and saying, 'you need a truck'.
I'd smile back and say, 'we have a truck'. Big sigh.

I had to pass up some wonderful items due to their size, like the beautiful, old wicker chair for only $15. Another big sigh.

But...I am thrilled at what we were able to grab up on our fast and furious trip.
Pickin' and packin' all the way made for a great weekend.

How was your weekend?


Kathy said...

Well, you just never know when things will happen - it is good you had a back-up vehicle - great finds! I hope you have a wonderful week,

Kathy said...

Hey, just checking in, I am hosting a Cottage Charm style giveaway and opening it to all who would like to join in with their own giveaway - I thought you might be interested - if you're not too busy! I hope all is well,

cynthia lee designs said...

You did some great pickin' and some great packin' to get it all home.

SImple and Serene Living said...

My daughter has a PT Cruiser. It's amazing how much you can get into them. You got some amazing things :)

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh, gosh! Isn't that just the way luck would have it? Well, it looks like you still did pretty good! Great things here in the pictures!
My weekend was full of errands I would have rather not ran!

sweetvintageofmine said...

LOVE THE WIRE BICYCLE BASKET WITH OHIO TAG.....AND OF COURSE THOSE CHIXXX FEEDERS-YOU CAN'T GET ENOUGH! Would have loved to been pickin but at a church Tea..200+ ladies FUN! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

The Farmers Daughter said...

Yes, I can relate! Been there, done that--lots of sighs. But, you did get some good pickins.
By-the-way, my truck is named Big Red, too--a 1985 Chevy!

Maureen said...

Oh I have sooooo been there. Repeatedly I'm afraid. lol

Good stuff though!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you found some nice goodies. Way to go with packing the car. It is amazing how we can cram things in a small space when we need to. You could have tied the chair on the top of the car, lol. I would have. Nice finds for sure.
Country at heart

Cheryl said...

Great the chicken feeders and crates.
Did some pickin myself over the weekend.
Have fun,

Unknown said...

You sure found some great items! I only got to hit a few yard sales and one estate sale. The estate sale prices were a bit high, (at least for me). Looks like you packed really well!

Have a wonderful week.

outjunking said...

You are so lucky, sale after sale. I am green with envy. Glad to see you score so well.

sweetjeanette said...

Oooooh I wish I was your neighbor!!! I loved your finds! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment about the zucchini crisp. I loved having you! Come back often and say hi!

Bliss said...

You got some great stuff, and holy crap I can't believe you got it all in!


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