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Sunday, May 20, 2012

She'll Rock My World

I'm a grandma!!!



Beckyjean said...

Congrats Grammy!!


Carmen S. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Nothing is funner than being a grandma!

Cheryl said...

Have fun being grandma,

Maureen said...

Awesome! Now the wait is over, let the fun begin. Congratulations to all of your family.

cynthia lee designs said...

Being a grandma is the best thing ever!!

The Farmers Daughter said...

Congratulations, Grandma!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Welcome to this World, SOPHIA! May your days be blessed and full of happiness Grandma! From one sweetie to another...Roxie

Bliss said...

Congratulations. The fun and enjoyment you have for kids is going to reach new heights. It's true what they say...... if we would of known grandkids were so much fun we would of had them first!


Faye said...


La Maison des Plaines said...

Hi! Cindy,

What a Blessing! Congratulations! you're a Nana :o)Sophia is such a beautiful name. Congrats! to mom & dad too. I have a feeling this little bundle will be the apple of Nana's eye ;oD

I'm happy to be back visiting your blog. My recovery from surgery is going well. A sincere "Thank you" Cindy for your prayers. Merci! I'm grateful!

Have a sunny week! Enjoy! sweet Sophia.

Blessings & Hugs,

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Yippie!!! What wonderful news! I am so happy for your blessing, and God bless her little soul.
Blessings and hugs,

Perfectly Printed said...

Congratulations!! I am waiting for my first grandchild..a little girl due in July!
I am your newest follower!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Congratulations to you!! Still waiting to hold that title myself.. maybe one of these years ;) Enjoy!! -Tammy

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