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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bloomin' Bunnies Again

Last year, I did a post about my bloomin' bunnies in the garden.
They're back! 

The momma makes a nest in the middle bed under my russian sage. The result?
I end up with the cutest little companions hopping around me in the garden.

This year is very interesting as they are very curious and come right up to me.
These photos are not taken with a zoom lens.
I do worry about them being a little too brave so I try to gently shoo them away as they get underfoot.
Doesn't faze them in the slightest!

And ya know what?
They don't nibble on any of my vegetables at all. Weird, huh?

Looks like there's some confusion about who momma is. 
No, she's not the chippy figure in the pepper bed.

Silly baby bunny...LOL!



Maureen said...

How sweet! Funny I see bunnies outside from time to time and they don't nibble on mine either.

Sherry@The BarnQuiltStore Blog said...

What sweeties!
Gotta love those baby bunnies!!

stefanie said...

soooooooooo cute!!!!

cynthia lee designs said...

How sweet and adorable!!

Cheryl said...

I have baby bunnies, too, and they haven't bothered the garden either! Will see what happens when they get bigger!
Have fun,

outjunking said...

I know what you mean about them getting to tame. I use to hand feed the squirrels but decided it wasn't save for them. Gosh darn those baby rabbits are so cute.

Mindy said...

Oh my goodness, I DIE from the cuteness!!! Completely jealous.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Such cute little bunnies!!!
We had some in our yard too ~ but they were eating our green bean tops so we had to put a fence around the garden.
Prim Blessings

The Farmers Daughter said...

Such a cute post! You made me smile! We have a couple of rabbits that play outside my window every afternoon. I love watching them. I can just imagine how much fun babies would be. . .

Joy Tilton said...

I love pickers on tv and I guess, truth be told, we are a family of pickers too! My Grandpa did it a lifetime and we inherited, now our grandsons love the hunt! I am loving you blog... we were just visiting Covington/Cincinnati area earlier this month. Come visit me on Beaver Lake in Arkansas... Joy

Felicia said...

AWWWWWW love bunnies

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