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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Raspberries and a Thief

My raspberry bushes are bursting with berries.
On my morning walk out to the garden to check on them, I saw something furry.
Now I've had a couple of baby bunnies living and hiding out at the base of the bushes, but I was pretty sure they had moved on.

Then I realized this little ball of fur was nestled  up in the bushes.
Coming closer, I discovered it was a squirrel all curled up on his back using the crisscrossing branches as a hammock and my berries as a delicious summer treat.

Really! That little bugger! The squirrels around here give me fits.
 They think that all the work I do is just for them.
Fortunately, he left plenty of berries behind after I shooed him off.

I think I'll have a bowl topped with Greek yogurt for a morning snack.
I do love snacking...with fresh raspberries from the garden.



The Farmers Daughter said...

Wish you could ship me some of those luscious looking berries!

Anonymous said...

Of course when those kodak moments happen there is never a camera around! That would have been a great pic!!

Maureen said...

Yum! Sounds good to me.

Squirrels can be little buggers but I must say they are so very industrious!

Cheryl said...

MMMMMMM.......Berries look delicious! I have some wild ones I am keeping an eye on.......may be able to pick 'em any day now. Keep an eye out for that pesky squirrel!
Have fun,

cynthia lee designs said...

Aren't squirrels just little stinkers!! The ones here are always digging in my flower pots to put their nuts in there.

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