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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Look who came home with me.
Precious cargo. A seat belt was a must.
Extra large and heavy.

And such a great price. It's worth 10 times the price I paid for it.
We bought it from Jeff at the flea market. We've bought from him before.
He didn't want to have to load this back up and take it home. Thus, the low price.

I'm keeping this piece and may use it as a prop for my soaps.
Yes, I'm thinking of adding old time soap to our shop.
I'm playing with the idea so we'll see.
And this will look fabulous in my dining room.

I haven't posted forever here.
I've been over to my Old Time Farmhouse blog.
And the month of June was difficult for me. 
I posted about it here.

I'm taking a blogging break from Old Time Farmhouse.
I may do the same here or I may pop in once in awhile to show some pickins I've come across. As you can imagine, my summer schedule is full.

So I hope y'all fasten your seat belts and enjoy your summer ride.
And roll those windows down while you're at it to enjoy the summer breeze.
Happy pickins to ya!!!

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