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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Odds & Ends and Good Junk

Have you ever found an old junk shop unexpectedly?
A shop with odds & ends and good junk?

It happened to us yesterday when leaving a flea market.
It's a flea market that is only held twice a year.
We found some great items there for the shop. And for me, of course.

When leaving the flea market, we decided to go a different route home.
So glad we did as we spotted some rustic junk scattered all about this wonderful small shop just down the road from the flea market.

You might know the kind of shop...
really tight spaces, you have to dig through it all, and you come out filthy when you're done.

And it is all so worth every minute of it.
We also had a good time talking with Frank, the owner. He's quite a character.
I know I'll be going back again to dig and find more good junk. 
In Frank's words...'Odds & Ends and Good Junk' to describe his shop.

Here's hoping you had a wonderful, long weekend and that you had a chance to go pickin', too. Till next time, have a good one!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Auction Picks

Hey all you pickers out there!
Did you find anything over the weekend?
We went to an auction across the lake from us.
Cutest little log home and a nice selection to bid on.

We walked away with some pieces for us and some for resale.
The white rockers are on our front porch.
The cabinet with the porcelain top is for me.
I have no idea where it will go, but I'll find a spot for it soon.
Would you believe I only paid $30 for that cabinet?

So happy that pickin' season is in full swing again!
Aren't you?

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